General T & C’s


General T & C’s

The following Terms and Conditions are to be read and understood prior to booking confirmation. 

A non-refundable deposit is required to confirm your booking. We will email you a booking confirmation with payment options and deadlines. Your booking is confirmed when your deposit is received the date and time will not be held until this is paid.

You will receive an email notification when the deposit is paid activating your client portal. This confirms your booking. Please all information including mobile numbers and address listed in the booking confirmation is correct.
The balance is payable in full no later than the date specified in the booking confirmation form (usually 14 days before your event).

If you need to make any changes or add any specific requests to your package please do so via email no later than the date of balance due, which is listed in the booking confirmation. Please take note of this date. You have until then to confirm the number of guests attending, make any changes to your package, submit any dietary requests (for Grand and Intimate Service), and make the final balance of payment.
Until payment is received we cannot confirm your date, event items etc. Lets Picnic Adelaide reserves the right to communicate to other customers for the proposed date and time until payment has been made.
A 10% surcharge is added to your event if held on public holidays.

A security bond of $150 may be added to the balance of the invoice for all picnic packages. The bond will be refunded in full within 7 days of your event if no breakages, loss or damage to hire items has occurred. Hire items must be returned in the condition you received them in. Lets Picnic Adelaide reserves the right to obtain the full (or part of) the security bond if any of the terms and conditions are breached. If payment (to fix breakages, extra delivery fee, carting fee etc.) is more than the bond, extra payment will be required within 3 days of the event date. Late fees apply at the discretion of Lets Picnic Adelaide If extra payment has not been made within 7 days of the event, we reserve the right to take legal action.

Picnic prices include a maximum hire time of 3 hours. If more time is required, please contact us prior to an invoice being sent.

If a picnic is held in your residential home, or a private function room that you have access to the next day, we allow overnight hires of our picnic packages. This will incur an overnight hire fee of $100 and additional pick up fee.
You will need to be present for us to pack up the picnic.
All items need to be kept inside after your event finishes.
We do not allow a picnic package and/ or items to be hired for over 24 hours.
You must ensure that all hire items stored after your event in a safe, secure, clean, dry and undercover space. Failure to do so will result in the loss of your security bond and any additional charges to repair/replace hire items.

All cancellations must be made in writing.
Catering and other hired add ons including photographer, musician, any personalised items cannot be refunded as this is organised through a third party company.
For cancellations made more than 30 days prior to the original date of the event, a full refund, excluding catering, add ons and non-refundable deposit for the event will be given.
For cancellations made less than 14 before the original date of the event, only 50% of the event cost will be refunded, excluding catering, add ons and non-refundable deposit for the event will be given.
For cancellations made less than 7 days of the original date of the event, the event will be canceled with no refund.

We understand that during these uncertain times, COVID can have impacts on events. We can never guarantee an event is to go ahead during these times in the case of a state-wide lockdown. Our COVID cancellation policy will follow the same cancellation policy as stated above. We cannot refund a picnic for cancellations made less than 7 days of the original event date.

The individual making the booking has full responsibility of hired equipment.
All items hired by you are your full responsibility from the time of delivery until hire items are collected by Lets Picnic Adelaide We take no responsibility of any injury that may have been caused by our equipment, surrounding equipment or the area.
You must not leave picnics unattended at any time, if your event finishes early, an early collection can be arranged. We cannot guarantee that we will be able to collect at an earlier time. Please communicate this with Lets Picnic Adelaide within 1 hour of original collection time. If any items are stolen whilst the picnic is unattended, you are required to pay the full recommended retail price of all stolen goods.
It is your responsibility to obtain permission to set up a picnic in the Hirer’s chosen location. If the location is a public space, the Hirer must pay any associated fees required to use the area.
It is the hirers responsibility to check that there is a carpark available within 30 meters of their desired picnic place. If not notified, Lets Picnic Adelaide will set up the picnic in an area within 30 meters of a car park.

All items/goods hired remain the sole property of Lets Picnic Adelaide This is a hiring agreement only.
You agree not to reproduce, distribute, sell, publish or circulate any such material without the express prior written consent of Lets Picnic Adelaide.

Items are used and may not be in perfect condition.
Items are thoroughly checked, counted, and cleaned prior to delivery. It is your responsibility to check all hire items upon delivery. Any discrepancies or dissatisfaction must be brought to our attention within 1 hour of delivery.

For all picnics, there is no guarantee that the booking will occur in the exact location requested. All picnics must be set up within 30 meters from where parking is available or else extra charges will apply.

Once a picnic is set up it cannot be moved until the end of the hiring period. Do not attempt to move any equipment without Lets Picnic Adelaide’s permission.

Lets Picnic Adelaide cannot control what occurs within a public space. We are not responsible for other events and/ or individuals within public spaces. If you feel as though this may be an issue for you and your event, we encourage you to choose a private area for your picnic, such as your home or hire a private area.

For beach picnics, there needs to be an accessible ramp (not stairs) within 20m of the picnic set up. There also needs to be available parking within 20m of this ramp. We do not set up 

Please consider that we can have multiple vehicles coming to set up/ collect items for your event. If we are unable to find parking within 30 meters of your event for all our vehicles arriving on the day of your event, the location of your picnic will need to be changed immediately. Extra costs will apply in this instance.
Please consider that public spaces usually have limited parking spaces, especially on weekends and public holidays.

We understand that weather is out of our control, hence, we recommend having a backup location indoors. Lets Picnic Adelaide requires 48 hours notice for a change of location. Additional delivery fees may occur if location is further than the original location or impacts on other jobs/ and deliveries. We require minimum 48 hours notice if the picnic date has to be changed due to bad weather.

We strongly recommend having a backup location/ plan in the event of bad weather as we do not set up our picnics in the rain or on wet/muddy ground.
In the event of wet weather, all our hire items must be moved undercover.
Furniture, cushions, rugs and all other floor coverings should never be used on wet, damp or muddy ground.
Hire items that are unused due to weather will not be refunded.

Events start at the start time decided prior to your event, regardless if you are late. This does not apply if the event set up was late on our behalf. Please communicate with Lets Picnic Adelaide prior to your start time if you will be late.
Please have at least one guest arrive 10 minutes prior to the start time of your event.
The delivery and collection fee will vary depending on event location and accessibility of location. For a quote on delivery and collection, please contact us with your event details. We do not allow DIY pickups and returns for picnic packages.

The quoted delivery fee is based on free, uninterrupted access to the event site. We cannot meet the needs of all locations.
Extra charges will also apply if:
Your hire items need to pass by stairs, escalators or steep grounds
You are not available to receive/ return the items at the schedules delivery/ collection time
Parking is not free for set up or collection
Delivery or collection is made outside of normal business hours (before 9am and after 6pm)
In the event that Lets Picnic Adelaide is issues with a fine due to the instructions of the hirer, the fine will be paid by the hirer.

Upon booking, we require a list of dietary requirements. We try our best to accommodate; however, this is not always possible. Due to the nature of food on grazing tables and platters being in close proximity to each other, cross contamination of food allergens can occur. Anyone with food allergies must refrain from consuming the food and take full responsibility if a reaction occurs by our services.

We advise food to be consumed within 1.5 hours. We are not liable for expired food. Lets Picnic Adelaide is not liable for any reactions or sickness etc. that occurs by our services. All complaints, whether formal or informal must go directly to the third-party catering company.
Lets Picnic Adelaide is not responsible for the hirer’s alcohol consumption. In booking a service with us, you are abiding by the Liquor Control Reform Act 1998 – where you agree that it is against the law to sell alcohol to, or obtain alcohol on behalf of, a person under the age of 18 years. You are responsible to check alcohol consumption laws of any venue or public space being used.

If any hire items are lost, damaged or stolen, you must notify Lets Picnic Adelaide as soon as possible.
If hire items are returned unclean, you are responsible for the full cost of returning the hire items to a clean condition.
If any hire items are returned damaged but repairable, you will be responsible for the cost of repairs.
If hire items are returned damaged beyond repair, you are responsible for the full replacement cost of the items.
Lost or stolen items will be charged at full replacement cost.
The replacement cost will be charged at Lets Picnic Adelaide’s discretion.
All damaged items must be returned to Lets Picnic Adelaide otherwise they will be classified as missing items and will be charged full replacement cost.
If anything is broken, soiled or missing, payment is required to replace these items. This fee must be paid within 3 days of issue and late fees ($5 per day) will apply if overdue. The replacement cost will be charged at Lets Picnic Adelaide’s discretion.
Smoking is prohibited on and around any of our items.

Lets Picnic Adelaide reserves the right to refuse or terminate any booking that is deemed to be unsuitable for the premises, or where false or misleading information has been provided.
Lets Picnic Adelaide reserves the right to refuse or terminate any booking at its absolute discretion.

Lets Picnic Adelaide will make every effort to be as thorough as possible when providing information on our products; however, we reserve the right to alter, vary or substitute any item(s) without notice.

The person in charge of the booking has full responsibility of the hired equipment. They are responsible for any missing or damaged items and will be expected to pay for replacement items if not returned, or returned in an unacceptable condition. Our hire tables should be transported/carried by a minimum of two people, with correct lifting techniques. We take no responsibility of any injury that may have been caused by our equipment.
Release & Indemnity
The hirer hereby releases Lets Picnic Adelaide, and agrees to indemnify and forever hold harmless Lets Picnic Adelaide, its employees and agents in respect of any third party claims, suits, action, proceedings, demands, expenses and costs for damage or injury to a person, property, animal or things whatsoever arising from the use of any items hired, the hirer’s breach of these Terms, or Lets Picnic Adelaide’s enforcement of any of its rights under these Terms.

For guests who are unable to sit on the ground we recommend choosing a picnic location that has higher tables available (such as certain wineries) or ask staff for some ideas around this. We do offer high ground table options however chairs will need to be organised separately (we do not provide table chairs but we can help to organise these through other hire businesses). Please enquire for more information.
Lets Picnic Adelaide reserves the right, at our sole discretion, to modify, add, or remove any part of these Terms and Conditions without notice to you. Any changes to our Terms and Conditions shall be effective immediately.
Lets Picnic Adelaide’s decision is final in all matters relating to these Terms and Conditions of hire.
The hirer hereby unconditionally accepts the above Terms and Conditions and acknowledges that the acceptance is a conditional procedure that is fully understood and confirmed by the hirer once payment has been made.

R E F U N D A B L E  D E P O S I T 
For some of our packages including overnight hire, we do require a deposit that will be refunded 1-3 days after your event if all equipment is returned in an acceptable condition it will be outlined in your invoice.

Are valid from 12 months of date of purchase.

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