Terms + Conditions – Lets Picnic


(General Overview)


Please refer to our Covid policy here.

A non-refundable deposit is required to confirm your booking. We will email you a booking confirmation with payment options and deadlines. Your booking is confirmed when your deposit is received the date and time will not be held until this is paid.

You will receive an email notification when the deposit is paid activating your client portal. This confirms your booking. Please all information including mobile numbers and address listed in the booking confirmation is correct.

The balance is payable in full no later than the date specified in the booking confirmation form (usually 14 days before your event). Any payments or changes requested after this deadline are strictly subject to approval and can incur a late amendment fee of $110.

We do not send payment notifications for payments received. You should assume your payments have been received unless you receive advice from us that any payments have not been received by their deadline. If you would like a payment update or receipt, simply request one.

All payments are non-refundable. This is because we are making reservations for you, rejecting other bookings, and passing your payments onto suppliers immediately. We have a strict administrative process, so this is not negotiable.

The organiser is responsible for all bookings, ensuring that all payments are made on time and that all members of the group are aware of the booking terms and conditions.

If we have requested any information from you in the booking confirmation (e.g. transport time and address), please provide this no later than the date of balance due.

If you need to make any changes or add any specific requests to your package please do so via email no later than the date of balance due, which is listed in the booking confirmation. Please take note of this date. You have until then to confirm the number of guests attending, make any changes to your package, submit any dietary requests, and make the final balance of payment.


Refunds will not be offered in the event of wet weather as other bookings will have been turned away in order to service your picnic event. If you need to change your event we require at least 14 days notice depending on the package chosen there may be additional fees incurred and any extra external services i.e. photographer, catering will be subject to availability. We also have a coivd policy where you can check this out here. In the event of a LOCKDOWN in South Australia our policy does allow for a credit for a future booking. If the venue i.e. home is unable to cater and parkland or other options the booking is still valid.


Unfortunately, the weather is out of our control. Changes due to the weather can be arranged 3 days before the event and will need to be discussed with staff. It is your responsibility to have a backup plan/location and/ or indoor/undercover option to fall back on in the event of wet weather as under no circumstances will our picnic equipment be set up in the rain or on wet, muddy grounds. Please note that if the distance to the new location is significantly further from our base than the original location, additional travel fees may be incurred.

A L L E R G I E S  & I L L N E S S

Grazing platters: Upon booking, the person in charge of the event is to inform us of any dietary requirements, intolerances or allergies of any guests. Whilst we make every effort to accommodate, this may not always be possible. Pricing may also vary. We can label items containing possible allergens ahead of time on request, however there is a high risk of cross-contamination. Anyone with a food allergy should refrain from consuming our products. You take full responsibility of any reactions that may have been caused by our services.

We advise that all food is consumed within 2-3 hours to avoid any spoilage.

Dietary requests will be catered for. But we require them in writing, no later than the date of balance due so we can submit them to the suppliers on time. We cannot take dietary requests after the due date. We require a list of the corresponding guests’ names with each dietary request. Please note that we do not provide alternate menus in advance for dietary requests, but our suppliers will cater for dietary requests that are submitted by the deadline.


All event staff are allocated by Let’s Picnic Adelaide. For operational reasons we do not allow clients to choose their own staff or the timing of entertainment.

For events at licensed venues providing alcohol, those venues adhere to the responsible service of alcohol laws and reserve the right to refuse service to any guests that are unduly intoxicated or disorderly. This may include serving only one drink at a time to each guest, stalling the service of drinks temporarily, or stopping the service of drinks completely and terminating the event. No refunds are permitted so it is your responsibility to make the most of your event and have a good time.

The capacity of venues includes any hosts and entertainment you book as part of your package.

The food and beverage menus are subject to change if suppliers need to change their menus, or if any items need to be substituted due to stock issues.

Let’s Picnic Adelaide will not be liable if your transportation or entertainment is delayed due to traffic or other reasons beyond our control.

Events cannot be delayed or extended if any members of your group arrive late under any circumstance.

If a supplier cancels a booking before the event commences, we will refund all payments you have made, and we also will do everything we can to make alternate arrangements for you within the event’s budget, but we will not be liable for any external costs that aren’t included in the booking.

Whilst we appreciate you are a booking your party with us, our suppliers do not tolerate intoxicated or antisocial guests. There is no excuse, whatever the occasion, to behave like a fool. One’s bad behaviour can ruin the experience for all other paying guests and can damage our relationship with our suppliers, so we offer no apologies if your event is terminated due to bad behaviour. If you arrive at any of our venues intoxicated, you risk having your event cancelled and no refunds will be issued. If you suspect this will be a problem, please do not book your event with us.


For guests who are unable to sit on the ground we recommend choosing a picnic location that has higher tables available (such as certain wineries) or ask staff for some ideas around this. We do offer high ground table options however chairs will need to be organised separately (we do not provide table chairs but we can help to organise these through other hire businesses). Please enquire for more information.

H I R E  &  E Q U I P M E N T

The person in charge of the booking has full responsibility of the hired equipment. They are responsible for any missing or damaged items and will be expected to pay for replacement items if not returned, or returned in an unacceptable condition. Our hire tables should be transported/carried by a minimum of two people, with correct lifting techniques. We take no responsibility of any injury that may have been caused by our equipment.

R E F U N D A B L E  D E P O S I T 

For some of our packages including overnight hire, we do require a deposit that will be refunded 1-3 days after your event if all equipment is returned in an acceptable condition it will be outlined in your invoice.


Are valid from 12 months of date of purchase